onRoad Café


53518 Leimbach




Hi, welcome to our homepage!


The onRoad Café is a  nice little café and hotel with 16 comfortable rooms, modestly priced, situated by the famous German race track "the Nürburg Ring", near the Dutch/Belgian border to Germany.


Look for us on the B257, the main road which leads to the world-famous race track, the GP  Formula One track Nürburg Ring.


We´re  only 2 kilometers from Adenau the nearest small town. There you can enter the track which is called  "Die Nordschleife", the northern loop. This  famous race track, constructed in 1927 ! is only 5 minutes away  from our hotel. You can drive/ride around the 25 kilometers of this famous, quite difficult track - just look at their site www.nuerburgring.de and check if they´re open.


Come and visit us, feel at home, enjoy the race track, the surrounding scenery and the winding roads here.


We´ve got a huge garage with room for at least 40 bikes or about 10 sports cars. We have a small workshop and enough tools for emergency repairs, track videos, maps of the area for tours, w-lan  for your communication with home and lots of other handy stuff. We hope to see you soon !!!!


your onRoad Team